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A leading hyperlocal food ordering and delivery platform company processes millions of customer orders each month while operating in 500+ cities with 120,000+ restaurants on its platform. One of the key goals for the organization is to build a data-driven culture by enabling democratization of insights throughout the organization. A robust BI platform was one of the first goals for this company.

Finding a tool to carry on with huge company growth

Figure 1. Solution Architecture Overview

As a new age company, it had the benefit of starting its BI journey with no legacy systems and minimal technical debt. The company is able to have all data preparation needs delivered on a relatively small number of data sources using Power Query in Power BI Desktop without the need for an end-to-end data warehouse approach.

Using data in Power BI to make business decisions

The below dashboards visualize automatically aggregated data across multiple dimensions and allow drill down into the lowest granularity to gain a deeper understanding on supply, growth, business, marketing, and other facets of the business. The reports and visualizations help answer simple and complex questions and enable informed decision making.

Some of the questions that the Power BI reports help answer are:

– What is the number of orders in the last hour?
– What cities are performing better week over week?
– What is the new campaign impacting sales?
-Has the conversion rate improved in the last month?

The Real Time Metrics Dashboard tracks order trends per hour for the current day. Users of the report can see the amount of traffic each hour by city. This helps the company understand daily trends and make decisions accordingly.

Figure 2. Real Time Metrics Dashboard (fictitious numbers for illustration purposes only).

The Supply Sales Dashboard highlights order performance at the restaurant level tracking 10 different metrics that can be selected via the dropdown menu on the left.

Figure 3. Supply Sales Dashboard Highlights Order performance at restaurant level tracking 10 different metrics (fictitious numbers for illustration purposes only)

The Traffic and Conversion Dashboard gives report consumers a view of app user behavior and adoption rate of the app. This dashboard helps the company understand new user traffic, types of visitors, platforms of app access, and time slots users are using the app. 

Figure 4. Traffic & Conversion Dashboard Highlights Journey of the User and its conversion rate (fictitious numbers for illustration purposes only)

The BI team creates and enforces a standard set of processes throughout development and production phases to ensure a fast, efficient, and consistent stakeholder experience. 

A secure and cost-effective platform fit for company growth

In transforming their BI platform, the company has seen a variety of benefits. The centralized standardized BI solution helps to power key insights across the organization verticals with improved operational efficiency. Having the single platform allows report consumers to be familiar with only one tool, without having to learn the functions of multiple reports.

As it continues to grow, Power BI has the right platform to scale growth and deliver the right value. 

Power BI provides the company with an overall lower total cost of ownership as well as saves time required for report and dashboard creation. This additional saved time helps analysts to spend their time driving better insights and making stronger decisions.

Future goals

In the future the company plans to focus more time on enabling and utilizing AI capabilities, Power BI dataflows, building common data models and incorporating R/Python visuals to enhance dashboard experience.