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azure synapse analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics allows you to collect, prepare, manage and provide unlimited amounts and formats of data on demand. The service is the core element for Microsoft’s concept of a Modern Data Warehouse. All your data is together on a cloud platform and made available company-wide.

In this way you not only eliminate data silos, but you unify your heterogeneous tools and modernize the functionalities. Azure Synapse Analytics also offers you an overview of all processes via a standardized user interface and can control them effectively and securely.

The modern data warehouse is the central starting point for analyzing data in your company. Every employee, from the data engineer to the business analyst to the data scientist, can work with a consistent database within the framework of their business goals.

In addition, you support a data-driven collaboration between the different company divisions – with extensive synergies for your company.

  • SQL technologies used in enterprise data warehousing
  • Spark technologies used for big data
  • Data Explorer for log and time series analytics,
  • Pipelines for data integration and ETL/ELT and
  • Deep integration with other Azure services such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

Serverless pool:

Serverless SQL pool uses a scale-out architecture to disseminate processing over numerous nodes like dedicated SQL pools.

Dedicated pool:

dedicated SQL pools, compute and storage are isolated from one another, typically what permits compute to scale freely of your data.