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BI & Data Analytics

Allow us to gain insight into your requirements and offer you development solutions that are perfectly aligned with your needs.


Why to choose Cedars BC

Actionable Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, or identify new market opportunities, our consultancy can provide you with the necessary tools and methodologies to make informed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Data-driven approaches are proven to streamline business processes, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Our consultancy works closely with your team to identify areas for improvement, implement data-driven solutions, and optimize workflows.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Understanding your customers’ preferences and behaviors is vital for delivering personalized experiences that drive loyalty and satisfaction. Our data and analytics expertise enables you to gather, analyze, and interpret customer data effectively.

Create a data-driven culture with Power BI

T echnologies

we use

What our customers think about us

“It was a pleasure to work with Cedars BC. They have the required experience and commitment to accomplish the job. Thanks”

Saadi A.

Saudi Arabia

“You did a fabulous job implementing the solution and supporting us so far – we really appreciate it.”

David S.


“I am really impressed. With just a few hours of instruction, they understood our topic and the data model in the DWH and built some impressive Power BI reports.”

Jochen B.


“The Team went beyond the call of duty to deliver what I needed in time for my client’s internal reporting to the board! they worked the Saturday / Sunday and Monday to ensure that I had something that worked! And work it did! Amazed! Thanks again guys!”

Gael D.


“They were great to deal with and completed the work 100%”

Chris M.